• "Tens of millions of Americans, who neither know nor understand the actual arguments for or even against evolution, march in the army of the night with their Bibles held high. And they are a strong and frightening force, impervious to, and immunized against, the feeble lance of mere reason." -Isaac Asimov
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Episode 1.03

I finally have a firm grasp on my audio software! The overall quality should be quite a bit higher then the past shows. As best I can tell the last technical aspect I need to cover is a higher quality mic, which will happen, as soon as funds allow.

48min, 10 sec (roughly 39mb)

Can’t stream it? Download it! (right click below link and hit ‘save as’)

The Feeble Lance ep1.03

  • Weighing in: The Jewel of Medina
  • Michele Bachmann’s plan for ‘green’ energy is jesus
  • Martial law, Arkansas implications
  • Spore complaints: You’re doing it wrong, shut up.
  • Last minute entry: Interfaith ‘group-hug’ at the DNC
  • The Circular file: Bigfoot hoaxer ‘captures’ another one

Links, as always, can be found on the story links page.

Snippets from this show and past shows will be available on the ‘Feeble Lancets’ page soon.

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2 Responses

  1. 1. Jewel of Medina: Personally from what you say about the book and what I’ve read on it, the author is treading on dangerous ground and will be in danger from radical muslims that have zero tolerance for this kind of thing. I think it sucks that freedom of speech can be hindered by radical fundamentalists of any ilk, but that’s the way terrorism works. If the author wants to go ahead and publish it, good for her, but I’d be careful if I were her, because people will find offense in almost anything, and she’s giving them excellent fodder for their crazed religious rage. I think Random House has a right to make their business decision like that. It sucks though.

    2. Well, yay Jesus! I’m so glad I don’t need to worry about global warming and all that boring stuff anymore! Now I don’t have to be angry about anything. I don’t care about rising gas and food prices, polar ice caps melting, species go extinct. Jesus has it all taken care of. WHAT THE HELL? Hey, *I* didn’t vote for that whack job, but someone did, and will again. Crazy! That’s sickening.
    Ok.. bus traveling… that is SO not appealing. No thanks, sorry.

    3. Helena AR: I am SO ambivalent on this issue. Ok, here’s my take. Areas like the one in Helena are like deep wounds. Cities try to fix the situation with band aids and a little rubbing alcohol and get nowhere. In a situation that is as bad as that area was, maybe it’s like emergency surgery. You have to go get a general anesthetic (curfew) and have the poison and dead flesh removed (criminals) so that the healthy flesh (average citizens) can heal.
    It sucks, no doubt about it. But I just don’t know of any good way to fix an untenable situation. Don’t let it get that bad in the first place would be a good start. Problem is, those areas exist everywhere. That’s not to say that they handled it right. I’m not saying that. I think people have basic rights that must be upheld.
    The question is, at some point, the basic rights of good citizens are being infringed by such criminal elements as well. So at some point a drastic solution must be utilized to fix it. I’m glad I don’t have to be in charge and make such awful decisions. That’s all I really know.

    4. Spore: I think I agree with you, from what you said.

    5. DNC interfaith gathering: This is disgusting. Talk about pandering to the religious. I feel very strongly that religion must be removed from politics. So yeah, I think this is awful. I’ll go follow the links you put up to say something to those idiots.

    6. Bigfoot: You’re not being close-minded, you’re just appropriately skeptical. It screamed hoax all along. This is a nonissue in my book. Complete unadulterated marketing money making bullshit. It’s just another form of religion and myth. It’s all nonsense.

  2. Thanks again for taking time to comment Fruitloop. 😉

    1. She actually stated on her blog that she felt there were “things worse than death”…basically saying she was willing to take the heat. Her blog vanished so I wasn’t able to cite it. I would have mentioned that in the show if I could have provided a link to the exact text.

    2. YEP! Jeebus has got you covered. Life’s so much easier knowing that fairy tales have everything taken care of is it?

    3. We’ve discussed this in greater terms so I’ll not waste valuable internets ink on the matter.

    4. And it looks so spiffy too…man-hours shall be lost.

    5. Links are there to be pilfered. The direct link to the contact page for the DNC is there now, wasn’t earlier.

    6. You have a point there. I try not to come across as ever being judgmental, I don’t want to present anything I cover in the show with a built in bias beyond whatever my personal opinion may be.

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