• "Tens of millions of Americans, who neither know nor understand the actual arguments for or even against evolution, march in the army of the night with their Bibles held high. And they are a strong and frightening force, impervious to, and immunized against, the feeble lance of mere reason." -Isaac Asimov
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Rumblings from the lab

I’m sitting here cutting together the last two bits for Sunday’s show and I feel the need to share some thoughts I’ve had over the last few days in regards to the site and my show. The bit I had on Mars this week ended up on the cutting room floor as I wasn’t able to find enough information to make the mention feel relevant. The overall tone of my section on the lock-down of West-Helena, AR shifted dramatically but for the sake of spurring conversation I think it works well.

I’ve been fighting with the sites overall layout on and off all week. I locked myself into WordPress before I had definitive idea for how I wanted to get this going and I’m feeling it now. I thought I’d be fine with a blog-style format but I see a need for some dynamic elements with upcoming content ideas I have.  I’ve payed for a year here so I’m going to stick with it and make it work as best I can.

In response to a few comments I’ve received I’m going to start putting up episodes in smaller clips as well as the full weekly show. I know some people don’t necessarily have the time to listen to 35+ minute recording so hopefully the shorter clips will appeal to those folks. I’ll also have shorter, single topic, ‘mini-episodes’ over the course of the week in addition to the Sunday shows. The name isn’t the most clever but I’ve decided to call them “Feeble Lancets”…it seems fitting. Moving forward I’ve found that there are more and more topics I want to cover, especially with the U.S. political season shifting into top-gear, and that ‘lancet’ format will allow me to get those extra thoughts in without dragging out the larger weekly episode. As a side effect I expect that my longer weekly shows will get better as I’ll be able to give the topics I find more important (or more interesting, thought provoking, etc) more time and focus.

The link to the “Feeble Lancets” page is there in the painfully small navigation bar under the header if you’d like to take a peek. I’ll be uploading the first batch of those along with this weeks show on Sunday. The quick links to each full episode will remain on the top of the right side-bar for the time being while I battle the page layout.

As a quick note to bloggers out there: Vjack over at Atheist Revolution has a nice post about a networking tool for bloggers called Scoutle. It’s fairly new but if it catches on it could well be the next ‘big thing’ when it comes to generating relevent page traffic. I signed up three days ago (it’s free) and I’ve seen a nice steady increase of traffic ever since and found a few new blogs I’d never have found otherwise.


6 Responses

  1. It all sounds like good progress. I especially like the name of the mini episodes. I think feeble lancets is clever. 🙂
    Thanks to you for turning me onto Scoutle, I also have found new blogs that are interesting as well as a nice little increase in traffic. 🙂
    I like the idea of the lancets too. Having tidbits and bitesize morsels of stories is appealing.
    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. ..eh-hem…
    I had to do my turn out on the battlefield this evening without The Feeble Lance. It felt wrong. I hope you’re happy.


  3. WordPress is being jinky and I’m just now uploading the show. Sorry to let you down! 😉

  4. Oh, I’ll live. Now I have something to listen to at work tomorrow. 🙂

    Jinky? 😉

  5. Yeah, jinky! Wonky, hinkey, jugfukled, obtuse…etc

    Glad I can at least provide mild amusement while you work 😀

  6. You know what all those words add up to? A right kerfuffle. 😉

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