• "Tens of millions of Americans, who neither know nor understand the actual arguments for or even against evolution, march in the army of the night with their Bibles held high. And they are a strong and frightening force, impervious to, and immunized against, the feeble lance of mere reason." -Isaac Asimov
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An a/v geek i’m not

No, this post has nothing to do with Kari Byron but it’s my blog and I call the teaser picture shots. She does, however, have some pretty cool artwork if you want to check that out.

This is far less interesting than our favorite Mythbuster but I’ve made yet another small revelation with my audio software! While cutting snips out of shows for the Feeble Lancets page I came across some filtery-type things I’d missed before. Software issues aside my biggest battle has been with my mic and the amount of subtle sounds it picks up as I speak. The first episode was plagued by them but I’ve found a way to clean that up without tedious cutting and shifting so take THAT budget hardware!

I’ve uploaded three ‘remastered’ clips from episode 1.01 and I’ll be applying that same clean-up to all things going forward. Ep 1.01 and 1.02 in their entirety will be reworked to replace the older, inferior versions that reside here now. I’m not saying you should go back and listen to them again once that happens (unless you really, really want) but I think it’ll be nice for the new folks. Clips from 1.02 and 1.03 will be available soon.

Massive e-props to IsThatLatin for shamelessly plugging the site and my Cafe Press shop…again (I swear she’s not being payed). If you enjoy intelligent and thoughtful commentary or passionate musings by atheist ladies check out her blog: Wrong In Their Mind Tanks.

Comments, questions and general harassment are always welcome via comments here on the blog, email at contact@thefeeblelance.net and the new contact page.


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  1. Have we inadvertently involved ourselves in a game of plug tennis? 😉 Thanks, Hess. 🙂

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